Can I Use A Miter Saw To Cut Pavers? [Yes, Just Choose Right Blade]

Owning a miter saw allows you to be versatile with the materials you’re cutting. But the question is, how much can you expand the capability of the miter saw? Can you use a miter saw to cut pavers?

The answer is yes, you can. But that doesn’t make a miter saw an ideal choice for cutting pavers. There are better and cheaper options to go for. However, if you already have a miter saw, all you need is the right blade to cut pavers.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this matter.

Can I Use A Miter Saw To Cut Pavers

Can I Use A Miter Saw To Cut Pavers?

Assuming that you’re using the right type of blade, you can undoubtedly cut pavers with your miter saw. The process is pretty straightforward too. Let’s take a look at how you can cut pavers with a miter saw.

How To Cut Pavers With A Miter Saw

How To Cut Pavers With A Miter Saw
  • The first thing to do is choose the right blade. A No products found. is perfect for cutting pavers if it fits your miter saw.
  • Replace the existing blade with a proper one. Make sure to keep the machine unplugged from the power source. Refer to the user manual if you’re having difficulty understanding the process.
  • Now, measure the pavers that you need to cut and mark them.
  • Put the paver in place and hold it with one hand. Without turning on the miter saw, bring down the blade with your other hand and align the blade on top of the marking.
  • Once everything is set, turn the miter saw and allow the blade to cut through the paver.
  • If you are going for a curved cut, it will require more than one attempt. Or you may bend the blade.
  • The process is going to be very dusty. So, make sure you’re picking a suitable space to work and using safety gear as needed.

Why Miter Saw Isn’t The Ideal Option To Cut Pavers

You might be wondering why a miter saw isn’t the best thing to use for cutting pavers. Let’s look at a few reasons why there might be better options than a miter saw.

Why Miter Saw Is not The Ideal Option To Cut Pavers


Cutting pavers will create a huge amount of dust. That’s why professionals do not like cutting pavers with a miter saw because you can’t use water with a miter saw. Some tools will allow for wet cutting, which facilitates the process by reducing dust.

That’s why even though it’s possible to cut pavers with a miter saw, it’s not the best tool available out there.

Right Blade Type

It’s difficult to find the right type of blade when you’re using a miter saw. Because cutting pavers requires specific blade types, your miter saw must be compatible with the blade you’re using.

It’s often tough to find a diamond blade that fits a miter saw. Even if you find one that accurately fits the miter saw, it may not work well with it. So, if you’re seeking comfort as well as perfection, a miter saw won’t be the first choice.

Made For Wood

The last thing we would like to emphasize is that miter saws are not cut out for cutting anything other than wood. So, the machine may not handle the pressure well. It may suffer from long-term damages like a loose belt or broken bearings.

It’s suggested to cut wood when you’re cutting with a miter saw because that’s what it was intended for.

Suitable Saw For Cutting Pavers

So, if a miter saw isn’t the best choice for cutting pavers, what is? Using a circular saw is the best option when you’re cutting pavers. The same reasons that make miter saws inconvenient can make a circular saw more suitable for pavers.

For instance, these saws are convenient to carry and comparatively cheaper. In addition, you won’t have to go for dry cuts when using a circular saw. This puts an end to the dust problem.

Circular saws are also suitable for diamond blades. So, if you’re cutting pavers, there can’t be a better option than a circular saw.

Tips For Using A Miter Saw To Cut Pavers

Tips and Tricks Saw School
  • If you don’t have a designated area for working, like a garage or a workshop, avoid using the miter saw indoors. The primary issue with using miter saws is that you can’t use water, so there will be a huge amount of dust when cutting pavers. Check out more about the issue in our article- can i use a miter saw indoors.
  • Always wear your safety gear before working with a power tool like a miter saw. Even if you consider yourself a professional regarding this issue, the best way to avoid accidents is to wear safety gear.
  • Check if your miter saw is compatible with the blade and can cut the pavers.
  • If you need to invest in the tool to cut pavers, invest in a circular saw instead of a miter saw.
  • Use a backer board to make the process more efficient. Adding a zero-tolerance throat plate will also help when you’re using a miter saw to cut pavers.

What kind of saw do you use to cut pavers?

The most suitable saw for cutting pavers is a circular saw. You can also use an angular grinder to cut pavers. When you’re using a circular saw, go with a 7 ½ inch blade. In case you’ve gone with an angular grinder, a 4 ½ inch blade will do.

You can expect cleaner cuts with precision when using these options.

Final Words

The bottom line to can you use a miter saw to cut pavers is that you can. However, it’s not the best option. You may damage the miter saw if you’re not being careful enough. So, if you are considering investing in a tool, a circular saw will come cheaper and be more efficient.

Nonetheless, if you want to utilize what you have, a miter saw will also work. Make sure to use the right type of blade and take precautions about the dust before getting started.


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