Can I Use My Miter Saw Without The Blade Guard? [Explained]

You might be tempted to use your miter saw without the blade guard. It’s natural to get curious about whether the miter saw blade would perform the same way without the blade. That’s when you ask yourself, can I use my miter saw without the blade guard?

You should never use your miter saw without the blade guard. If you have broken the existing one, wait till you get a new one. Alternatively, you can borrow one from someone until you get one for yourself.

Such an issue requires some in-depth discussion. Let’s dive into it.

Can I Use My Miter Saw Without The Blade Guard

Can I Use My Miter Saw Without The Blade Guard?

Operating power tools like miter saws and table saws is extremely dangerous, even with all of their safety features. The blade guard is one of the most vital parts of the safety features, and you should never attempt to remove it while using the miter saw.

With Blade Guard or not

Many people want to experience their miter saw without using the blade guard. It may offer a clearer vision of how the blade is spinning and cutting the material. However, it is not worth taking the risk of removing the blade guard.

Some people also argue that the blade guard is in their way when operating the miter saw. The blade guard is designed to stay out of your way. So, if you feel like the guard isn’t doing its job or if it’s broken, you can replace it with a new one. But using the miter saw without it is never recommended.

Even professional miter saw users would suggest that you don’t alter any safety features of your miter saw. No matter how experienced you are, you have a probability of hurting yourself. Good Housekeeping shared a personal experience of what happened to a miter saw user when he tried to use the unit without the blade guard.

I’m not saying that the same incident will happen to you. But who’s to say it won’t?

What’s The Purpose Of The Blade Guard?

You might be wondering why manufacturers install the blade guard on a miter saw. Well, there are several reasons behind it. For starters, they are required by their safety guidelines to install the blade guard. You won’t find any unit that comes without it.

The primary responsibility of a blade guard is to keep your fingers from getting too close to the blade. It prevents your hands from coming into contact with the blade, preventing any injuries. Nonetheless, the blade alone cannot protect your hands. You have to be extremely cautious when operating a power tool.

The blade guard also plays some secondary roles in a miter saw. For instance, it helps to prevent kickbacks. You can also check my article on what causes miter saw kickback if you are interested.

Another function of the blade guard is to assist in directing the dust into a designated area. So, it helps in keeping the dust from going everywhere, making cleaning easier for the user.

Purpose Of The Blade Guard

Miter Saw Safety

As I’ve already mentioned, a miter saw can be a dangerous unit to use, even with all the safety features. So, you have to be extremely careful with it. One single accident can make you regret using the miter saw for your whole life.

So, no matter how innocent the unit looks, you have to be prepared to prevent any accidents. Let’s take a look at some safety protocols.

Read The User Manual

Every miter saw is different and unique. So, the safety steps you need to follow will be unique for each miter saw too. The first thing to do after getting a new miter saw is to go through the user manual.

It will demonstrate how to safely operate the miter saw and give you a detailed idea about the machine’s structure. After going through the initial instructions, read the safety terms. It’s a good idea to go through them frequently when you are using the miter saw for a long time.

Secure The Miter Saw

The miter saw is intended to be used on a work table. Make sure you fix the miter saw on an even tabletop. This way, you can eliminate the chances of tripping or vibrating the miter saw and prevent unwanted situations.

Declutter Your Workstation

The only thing that should be near your miter saw is the piece you are cutting. Everything else should be kept out of the way to ease the entire process. Small debris and material pieces can get in the way to cause kickbacks.

Safety Gear

Use the safety gear instructed by the miter saw manual. Most of the time, it’s enough to wear eye protection to prevent dust from getting into your eyes. However, make sure to wear proper clothes when working with a miter saw.

No Bystanders

You shouldn’t have anyone standing near the miter saw when you are working. Moreover, if you are cutting longer pieces, use table extensions instead of using another person to hold the material.

Compatible Material

Most miter saws are suitable for cutting materials like wood. Under no circumstances should you attempt to cut ferrous material using your miter saw. You can cut non-ferrous metal like aluminum. Even then, you will have to use a specific type of blade. Always look for a compatible blade when cutting a specific material. You can also check my article on are miter saw blades universal.

Hands Out Of The Way

You should never bring your hands too close to the miter saw. This goes for all situations. For instance, you shouldn’t reach something around the blade. If a piece is too small, you shouldn’t hold the piece while cutting it. Instead, use the clamp to secure the piece before cutting.

Even when you are cutting a standard-sized workpiece, you shouldn’t only hold the material. This can cause your hand to slip if the material slips from its position. Instead, hold the material along with the fence so that your hand doesn’t move.

Miter Saw With The Blade Guard

Final Words

If you are still asking can I use my miter saw without the blade guard or not, think again. There may not be any change in performance when you cut something without using the blade guard.But there are hundreds of people who experienced injuries only by operating the miter saw without the blade guard. They will suggest that you don’t remove the blade guard too.

Once you lose a finger, you may not get it back to its original condition. Is it really worth the risk of damaging your hand? Keep the guards where they are. They were installed for a reason.


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  1. I am very bummed because I have a “perfectly good” Delta compound miter saw that the plastic blade guard is NOT to be found anywhere! I have to toss it because it’s not safe. Model 36-075.

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