Can You Cut Masonite On A Table Saw? [Do’s and Don’ts]

Because of the unique structure of Masonite boards, many people struggle to find the right tool to cut them. One common question that pops up when searching for power tools is can you cut Masonite on a table saw?

You can use any type of saw that you use for cutting wood to cut Masonite, including a table saw. A table saw is suitable when you’re making straight cuts. You need to use the right type of blade. In addition, you have to be careful about cutting the boards because they’re very prone to tears.

Do you want to know more about cutting Masonite with a table saw? Make sure you read the whole article.

Can You Cut Masonite On A Table Saw

Can You Cut Masonite On A Table Saw?

Table saws are a suitable tool for cutting Masonite board when you’re going for a straight cut. For curves, you will have to use another tool. The blade you’re using needs to be suitable for cutting Masonite.

Masonite Board

The reason why people struggle with Masonite boards is the structure. Hunker demonstrates that Masonite boards are prone to tear because of the materials they’re created with. You have to be very careful with the board, or you won’t get a clean cut.

So, let’s take a look at how you can cut Masonite boards with perfection using a table saw.

How To Cut Masonite On A Table Saw?

How To Cut Masonite With A Table Saw
  • When you choose a suitable blade, the process becomes easier, and the cut gets cleaner. For precise results, it’s suggested to use blades that are steel tipped. In addition, ensure that the teeth count is more than 80.
  • Once you’ve selected and installed the blades, it’s time to measure and mark your Masonite board. You will need a measuring tape for marking the board. The best way to be precise with the measurement is to mark each edge of the same side and then connect the marks with a ruler.
  • Now, you need to adjust the blade’s height on the table saw. It’s one of the most important parts you have to be careful about. Measure the height of the board. Now, keep the blade at least half an inch higher than that.
  • Adjust the fence and keep the distance between the fence and the blade the same as the blade’s width. For instance, if you’re cutting a board that’s two feet wide, keep the fence two feet away from the blade.
  • Place the board on the table saw so that it’s held against the fence. The sheet should be facing up at this point. This ensures that when the board exits the cut, the damage, including chipping and tearing, stays to the minimum. The probability of damage is when the board finishes the cut.
  • Lower the blade guard before you turn the table saw on. Then, slowly start pushing the Masonite board towards the blade.
  • Don’t forget to use a push device for safety. Once the cut is complete, turn off the table saw immediately.

Safety Tips Before Cutting Masonite

Safety tips when cutting Masonite

A table saw is one of the most dangerous power tools you will come across when not using it properly. So, you have to be extra careful with it. Let’s take a look at some safety measures you need to consider when operating a table saw.

  • If you’re not an expert, always refer to the user manual before using a table saw. It will tell you where the emergency button is in case of accidental kickbacks.
  • Speaking of kickbacks, there are a few steps to take to avoid kickbacks. The first is to use the fence properly. Placement of the fence is mandatory. Another trick is to go slow and steady when pushing the board toward the blade.
  • Never operate a table saw without attaching the blade guard. It’s very important to protect your fingers from accidental cuts. If you’ve lost the one your table saw came with, get another one.
  • Use hearing protection because table saws can be quite loud. You can check our article on why is my table saw so loud to learn more about the issue.
  • Try to reduce the dust as much as possible. Wear all your safety equipment before getting started, including earmuffs, eye protection, etc.
  • Avoid wearing clothes with loose ends. For instance, loose sleeves may not be a good idea when you’re operating a table saw. The cloth can get stuck into the blade, causing a disaster.
  • Use a push tool when cutting thin Masonite boards to keep your fingers safe from the blade. You can also use a clearance insert. This will allow you to steer clear of the blade. If you’re cutting a particularly thin board, it becomes a mandatory part.
  • Avoid cutting warped board. It increases the chance of kickbacks and accidents. The flatter the board, the safer it is to cut.
  • Reach the emergency button with your foot in case your hands are occupied. It’s essential to locate the button before you start cutting the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

How do I measure Masonite boards before cutting?

You will need a measuring tape, a ruler, and a pencil to measure Masonite boards. Determine what size pieces you will need. Use the measuring tape and mark the board with a pencil. Make markings on both edges and then connect the dots using a ruler.

Can I cut curves with a table saw?

If you are using a table saw to cut Masonite boards, you can’t cut curves. You can only do straight cuts with a table saw. The best tool to use when cutting curves is a jigsaw or a multipurpose saw.

What is the drawback of using a table saw for a Masonite board?

One thing many people dislike while cutting Masonite boards is the dust they create. It can be bothersome for many. When you use a table saw to cut Masonite boards, the amount of dust increases, and it becomes very difficult to clean the workstation after you’re done.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer other saws to cut Masonite boards instead of table saws.

Final Words

Coming back to the question of whether can you cut Masonite on a table saw or not? You can use a table saw for making straight and clean cuts to Masonite boards. However, there are some limitations of the tool. In addition, you will have to use the right blade and be very careful with the table saw.

As long as you’re following the right procedure and using the right equipment, a table saw can be the perfect tool to make clean cuts to Masonite boards.


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