Expert Tips: Resolving the Problem of a Miter Saw Blade Won’t Stop Spinning! [Reasons And Ways To Fix It]

With all the intriguing safety features of a miter saw, one of them is the brake that stops the blade from spinning almost immediately. When the miter saw blade won’t stop spinning, the safety of the user is compromised.

A miter saw blade is unable to stop within seconds if there’s something wrong with the brake. If you can identify what’s causing the brake to fail, you can fix this issue. You may not have to take the miter saw to a garage if the issue is as minor as worn-out carbon brushes.

To learn more about the reasons why the blade can’t stop spinning and ways to fix it, make sure to go through the entire article.

Miter Saw Blade Won't Stop Spinning

How Does A Miter Saw Brake Work?

If you look at older models of miter saws, you will find a different type of brake.Those models used to have brake pads to stop the blade when the trigger was released. Even though they were functional and effective, with the use of electric brakes, the older version became outdated.

Inserting brake pads into the blade meant inconvenience and inefficiency. Besides, the way miter saw brakes work nowadays is much more reliable. Manufacturers now use a simple method of reversing the electricity flow, which stops the blade quickly.

You can learn more about this procedure by reading my article on how does a miter saw brake work.

Why Is The Miter Saw Blade Won’t Stop Spinning?

The only reason your miter saw blade won’t stop spinning is that the electric brake that stops the blade isn’t working anymore. Now, there can be several reasons why the brake might not be working. Let’s take a look at some probable causes.

Worn-Out Carbon Brushes

Most of the time, a failed brake is caused by damaged carbon brushes. They’re small parts of the brake system that are responsible for delivering the electricity required to stop the blade. With time, they can wear out, failing to deliver that electricity and causing the brake to stop working.

If your carbon brushes are one-eighth of an inch or less in measurement, it’s not functional enough anymore.

Dirty Commutator

Another part of the electric brake system to stop the brake from working is the commutator. When you’ve been using your miter saw for quite some time, residue can build up on the commutator, causing the brake to fail.

Damaged Switch

The switch you use to start the blade is also responsible for stopping the blade when you release the trigger. If there’s something wrong with the switch, the brake will stop working, and as a result, the blade will keep stopping.

If you don’t know whether the issue is caused by the switch, make sure to read my article on how to determine if switch is bad on miter saw.

Damaged Field

Sometimes the field can get damaged and stop working altogether. This is a vital part of the electric brake system that can cause the miter saw blade running for longer periods even when the trigger has been released.


Sometimes, the issue is temporary and caused by overheating. If you have been running your miter saw for an extended period, the machine can get overheated, and the brake may stop working temporarily. This is the easiest problem to solve.

Other Reasons

There are a few other minor reasons that can cause the brake to fail. For instance, if the arbor screw is loose, the blade won’t stop spinning. Carbon build-up and rapid on-and-off cycles are two other reasons for the electric brake to stop working.

How To Fix A Spinning Miter Saw Blade?

Fixing a spinning miter saw blade means identifying the problem and fixing the source. Most likely the issue is directly related to the failure of the electric brake. So, you can fix the issue by fixing the electric brake. Let’s see how you can do that.

Let The Miter Saw Rest

If overheating caused the issue, the fix is easy. All you have to do is allow the miter saw to rest overnight. This will cool down the machine.

Overheating is a source of many mechanical problems. That’s why it is better not to open up your machine the first time you stumble upon an issue. Once the miter saw cools down, the issue might be gone.

Run It Continuously For Some Time

As I have mentioned before, a rapid on-and-off cycle can cause the brake to stop working. This is also a temporary problem. If you run the miter saw for about ten minutes long without any interruptions, the frequent on-and-off effect will wear off from the miter saw, and the brake might start working again. This method also helps to remove any residue build-up from the blade.

Clean The Miter Saw

Thoroughly cleaning the miter saw can also resolve this issue without any fixing. This includes cleaning the internal components too. You can check everything when cleaning the miter saw and get an elaborate look to find any damaged components.

Replace The Damaged Part

If you can identify what part of the miter saw is damaged, you can get it fixed without any professional help. The reasons I explained can help pinpoint the damaged part. For instance, you can look for worn-out carbon brushes, a damaged switch, or a damaged field.

You can get spare parts easily in the market. However, you have to be comfortable enough to change the component and replace it with a new one.

Other Fixes

If you find the arbor screw to be loose, tightening it may help. The commutator can get dirty which you can fix by internally cleaning the miter saw. Finally, if you can’t get anything to work, it’s best to take the miter saw to a garage and get it checked by a professional mechanic.

In case the continuous spinning even after the trigger has been released is caused by any other reasons, you can get that checked out too. It may cost you a few bucks but it will certainly be worth it.

Some Tips To Remember

Tips and Tricks Saw School
  • If it’s a new miter saw, contact the manufacturer instead of trying to fix the issue by yourself.
  • Avoid using the miter saw if the blade won’t stop spinning. Even though it’s not the primary source of protection, the brake must be in force to ensure the utmost safety of the user.
  • Regular maintenance of the miter saw can prevent a lot of problems, including general wear and tear.
  • Checking the user manual of your miter saw can be a rich source to understand your miter saw better.

Summing Up

You don’t have to be worried when your miter saw blade won’t stop spinning. It can be annoying, not to mention unsafe to use the miter saw in this situation. However, the fixes for this problem are quite simple. You can try most of them by yourself, even if you are not a pro.

As a last resource, you can always reach either the manufacturer or a professional mechanic for help. If the miter saw is under warranty, you may even get a replacement for the existing one. Even if you don’t, they’ll certainly help you with the problem.


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