The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Miter Saw Loses Power Halfway Through A Cut (And 9 Ways to Fix It)

One of the most annoying issues with using a miter saw is when it starts to lose power. As your miter saw gets older, it becomes less efficient. One of the side effects is when the miter saw loses power halfway through a cut.

A faulty cable, damaged switch, issues with the wiring, and worn-out carbon brushes are a few of the reasons that can cause this issue. If you can’t find the source of the problem, it’s better to seek professional help to resolve the issue.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the reasons that can cause your miter saw to lose power.

Miter Saw Loses Power Halfway Through A Cut

The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Miter Saw Loses Power Halfway Through A Cut

There are multiple components responsible for carrying power from the electric outlet all the way to the motor. And the motor then makes the blade spin. So, if your miter saw is suddenly losing power, there can be something wrong with any of those components.

Wiring Issue

The most common reason that can cause the miter saw to lose power is a wiring issue. A miter saw is made of many complicated wirings. If one of those wirings is damaged, the saw may lose power midway.

If you have recently replaced any internal component of your miter saw and the saw is losing power since it’s possible that the wiring got messed up. That’s why it’s very important that you remember the wiring before removing any component so that you can put the miter saw back exactly as it was.

Faulty Cable

The cable of your miter saw is the first thing to pass the electricity inside the saw. So, if the cable is broken or not compatible with your miter saw, it can cause power loss midway through a cut.

Check for damage on the cable. See if it has wear and tear anywhere.

Faulty Power Outlet

There’s a standard requirement that the power outlet must meet to make sure that the miter saw runs without any issues. If you connect the saw to a faulty outlet, it can suddenly cause the miter saw to lose power.

Worn-Out Carbon Brushes

Miter saws have carbon brushes inside of them, which are small components responsible for carrying power inside the machine. With time, the carbon brushes wear out, making them weaker. At one point, the brushes can’t carry power as efficiently as before, causing the miter saw to lose power.

Damaged Switch

The switch you use to make the blade spin is another part of the miter saw that ensures a constant supply of power. When you release the switch, the electricity flow is reversed, causing the blade to stop almost immediately.

When the switch gets damp, it can become damaged and stop working efficiently. A damaged switch means an interruption in the power supply, which can result in stopping the miter saw from time to time. You can check my article on how to determine if switch is bad on miter saw if you want.

Damaged Motor

The last thing you want your miter saw to have is a damaged motor. When the motor is not capable of running the miter saw efficiently anymore, it can put a strain on the power supply. That means your miter saw loses power halfway through a cut.

Loose Arbor Nut

Another common reason that can make your miter saw lose power is a loose arbor nut. So, don’t forget to check the arbor nut when your miter saw is stopping midway through a cut.

How To Fix Miter Saw Losing Power Halfway Through A Cut? (The 9 Easy Ways)

It’s important that you find out what’s causing your miter saw to stop if you want to fix it. After thoroughly checking all the probable causes I’ve mentioned above, apply the fix that fits your situation.

Fix The Wiring

If you have replaced any part of your miter saw, check the wiring again. Read the user manual to check how the wiring was before the replacement. Try changing the wiring and check if the issue still exists.

Change The Cable

In case the cable is causing the problem, changing it to a new one will help. Make sure that the new cable you’re investing in is compatible with your miter saw.

Try Another Outlet

The outlet you were previously using can get damaged due to an unstable electricity supply. Try plugging the miter saw into another power outlet. If the outlet is faulty, this little adjustment will do the trick.

Replace The Brushes

Carbon brushes are cheap and easy to replace. When the existing carbon brushes wear out, replace them with new ones and check if it resolves the issue. If you haven’t changed the brushes before, check the manual to learn how to do it. The process can differ depending on the model you have.

Replace The Switch

Replacing the switch is also an easy thing to do. When you notice that the switch of your miter saw has gone bad, getting a new one will certainly fix the issue.

Replace The Motor

If the motor is at fault, you have to replace it with a new one. Be very careful about getting a new motor as different models can look alike. Installing the wrong motor can cause a situation where the miter saw motor is running backwards.

Tighten The Arbor Nut

If the arbor nut is loose, make sure to tighten it before you try again. Use the right tool and turn the bolt in the right direction to tighten it.

Take The Miter Saw To A Garage

If you can’t figure out a way to fix the issue, the best thing to do is to take the miter saw to a mechanic. It will cost you a few bucks, but your miter saw will be free of complications in no time.

Replace The Miter Saw

When your miter saw starts losing power midway through a cut, it might be an indication that the unit is too old to keep working the way it’s used to. So, maybe it’s time to consider investing in an upgraded miter saw with advanced features.

Some Tips To Remember

Safety tips when cutting Masonite
  • A dull blade can become a problem and prevent the miter saw from going smoothly through a cut. So, make sure that your miter saw blade is sharp.
  • Sawdust inside the miter saw can also make it lose power. Clean your miter saw as frequently as required.
  • Lubricating your miter saw can fix a lot of problems, especially if outer parts are feeling stuck during a cut.
  • Safety should always be your first priority when dealing with a miter saw. So, make sure to disconnect the miter saw from the power source when not using the miter saw, cleaning it, or changing any components.
  • Installing an efficient dust collection system will reduce the sawdust accumulation inside the miter saw, making it more efficient in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

How long does a miter saw last?

The longevity of a miter saw depends on the build quality and how frequently you are using it. It can start from six months and can last for years. If you want your miter saw to last longer, it’s better to invest in a robust unit from a recognized brand that comes with a good warranty policy.

When to replace a miter saw blade?

If your miter saw blade is not cutting all the way through, requiring more force, getting stuck, or has chipped teeth, it can be an indication of a dull blade. You can either sharpen your dull blade or replace it with a new one. In case the blade is too damaged to be sharpened, it’s better to replace the blade. Sometimes replacing the blade can be more cost-effective than sharpening it.

Final Thoughts

It’s not normal if your miter saw loses power halfway through a cut. It’s a common problem that occurs in old miter saws. Sometimes, the issue can be resolved if one or two components are at fault. Nonetheless, sometimes the miter saw is just too damaged to be fixed.

If you are having difficulty identifying the source, taking it to a professional will be the better solution. They can find out what’s wrong and give you an evaluation of the condition of your miter saw. Trying to fix the issue by yourself without understanding what’s going on can damage the miter saw even more.


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