From Grill to Skill: Building a Custom Miter Saw Stand From An Old Grill Cart (A Step-by-Step Guide)

If you have an old grill with a stand that’s not functional anymore, there’s an excellent way of reusing it. You can convert the grill stand into a miter saw stand. It requires a few DIY steps that you can complete with your woodworking still.

You need to isolate the stand from the grill first. Then, use measured wood planks to attach them to the stand. The stand will turn into an amazing portable miter saw stand that you can transport without any issues.

If you are interested to know how you can make a miter saw stand from an old grill cart, make sure to go through the entire article.

Miter Saw Stand From An Old Grill Cart

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Make A Miter Saw Stand From An Old Grill Cart!

If the grill cart you have is large enough to accommodate your miter saw, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn that cart into an amazing stand for your miter saw. In case you are searching for a more visual idea of doing the task, you can check bellow.

So, let’s get tothe step-by-step process of making a miter saw stand.

Step 1: Clean The grill Cart

If you are using an old grill cart, the first thing to do is to clean the grill stand thoroughly. It can be covered in rust and debris, which will not be a good starting point for you. So, make sure you get rid of the outer layer of buildup in your grill cart.

Step 2: Remove Unnecessary Components

You will only need the stand, so make sure to get rid of everything else. This includes the grill itself, the panel, and other small components that aren’t mandatory.

Depending on the grill you had, it can require some unscrewing and cutting extra parts with a hand saw. In some models, it’s relatively easier to bring the pieces apart.

Step 3: Take Measurements

No, take measurements of the four parts of your grill stand. The center, where you will place the miter saw, the wings, and the area beneath the center where you used to keep your propane tank.

Take detailed measurements of the center part, including length, width, and height.For the rest of the areas, take only length and width.

Step 4: Cut Wood Pieces

Take your material boards, preferably wood, and measure them according to the grill stand’s measurements. The thickness of the board should be enough to hold the miter saw.

For the center position, you need to create a box, which is why height, length, and width were required. There should be five pieces in total to make a rectangular box for the center position. The front side of the box should be open.

Now, use a nail gun to attach all the pieces together and create the box for the center position. Cut three more boards for the wings and the lower part of the stand. A single board of wood will be sufficient for each of those areas.

Step 5: Attach The Pieces

Now, it’s time to attach all the pieces to the grill cart. First, place the box in the center. Use a drill to screw the box to the grill cart. The joints should not be wobbly. So, make sure that the screws are tight enough.

Use the other wood boards to place them on the wings and the lower space. Screw them using a drill and secure them in place. Now, place your miter saw in the center position, and it’s ready to cut extended pieces of material using the stand.

Why Make A Miter Saw Stand from An Old Grill Cart?

If you are thinking about whether the process is worth it or not, it absolutely is, especially if you are into DIY projects. Let’s see why you should consider turning your grill cart into a miter saw stand.

Great Way of Reusing Your Grill Cart

You must have spent a fair amount of money on your grill when you bought it. Even though it’s not a functional unit anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t salvage more value from it.

Converting the grill cartinto a miter saw stand allows you to reuse a product that was already worn out. Besides, a grill cart is large in size that can take up quite some space, regardless of where you are storing it.

If you make a miter saw stand with it, the space it occupies will be well worth it. Besides, you can use your workstation for other meticulous works because the miter saw will have its own stand.

Easy To Make

The process of making a miter saw stand is extremely easy for anyone who loves woodworking. The stand is basically ready except for the boards that you will attach. This not only helps you improve your woodworking skills but also helps you get a functional stand for your miter saw that you can use for cutting extended boards.

Besides, once you have mapped out how you will proceed, the task doesn’t take much time either.

Customized Stand

With the basic tutorial in mind, you can customize the stand as youlike. Andthat includes using your preferred material and design.If you are following the tutorial I provided, you can use the box in the center to keep the tools you need when you are working with a miter saw.


Because a grill cart is portable and comes with casters, you can easily transport your miter saw without too much effort. This can be a great idea for anyone who likes to work outdoors. Besides, moving the miter saw stand with all its required tools inside the center box can be a great way to improve convenience.

If you have a grill cover, you can use the same cover to protect your miter saw from dust and dirt. So, it’s an added bonus when turning your grill cart into a miter saw stand.


This literally costs you nothing but the time you’re investing. If you are passionate about woodworking, chances are, you already have the wood boards required for this DIY project. So, as long as you love the process, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Some Tips To Remember

Tips and Tricks Saw School
  • The key to making the stand perfect is precise measurements. So, make sure you’re cutting the boards according to the accurate measurements that you took from the grill cart.
  • The grill cart must be clean if you want your stand to be long-lasting.
  • Make sure to remove any sharp materials that might be spiking out of the grill cart. You can use a hand saw to cut sharp edges out of the equation.
  • Before starting the procedure, make sure that the miter saw will sit comfortably on the grill cart. If it’s too large for the grill cart, the entire task will fail.
  • Make sure to keep some extra boards near at hand in case the measurement doesn’t check out as you want it to.
  • Portability is one of the primary reasons for turning your grill cart into a miter saw stand. So, you have to make sure that the wheels are functional. If they’re not, you can replace them with new ones if possible.
  • The process may vary, depending on your grill model. So, make necessary adjustments while keeping the basic guidelines in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

Do I need a special stand for a miter saw?

You do not need a special stand for using a miter saw. You can use a flat table or turn something into a fixed stand for your miter saw. As long as the surface is even and doesn’t make your miter saw wobble, you are good to go.

How tall should a miter saw stand be?

How tall your miter saw stand should entirely depend on what height feels comfortable to you. Depending on your own height and what position you stand in when operating a miter saw, the standard height will vary. So, it’s mostly user-depended.

Can you hang a miter saw?

Miter saws come with mounting holes in their feet that you can use to hand them to a wall or a plywood sheet. If you are interested, you can check my article on miter saw storage ideas to learn about clever ways to store a miter saw.

Final Words

When you have a lot of DIY energy stored to spend on something creative, one way to spend it is to make a miter saw stand from an old grill. There is hardly anything to lose in this task. By creating a customized portable miter saw stand, you are not only saving money but also sharpening your woodworking skills.

With your personal touch, a dysfunctional and old miter saw cart can become one of the gorgeous miter saw stand for your workshop. And in case you are transporting the miter saw, you can simply store the tools in the box and use the wheels to move the miter saw effortlessly.


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