Optimize Your Workspace: 11 Creative Miter Saw Storage Ideas for Woodworking Enthusiasts!

No matter how small your miter saw is, it always seems to be in the way. This is something that won’t get resolved by itself. You have to come up with an excellent storage idea for your miter saw. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

You can get creative by hanging the miter saw on your wall. Some other excellent places to store your miter saw area cabinet, a shelf, the top of your table saw, beneath your table saw, beneath your workbench, etc.

Depending on the work environment and available space, you can find more creative miter saw storage ideas. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Miter Saw Storage Ideas

Discover the 11 Space-Saving Miter Saw Storage Ideas You Must Check!

Storing a miter saw can be challenging because you don’t want it to be difficult to access. You don’t want it to get in the way, either. So, I’ve gathered some of the most effective ideas you can utilize to store your miter saw in a functional way. Let’s check them.

1. Hang It On The Wall

Miter saws come with mounting holes on their feet that you can use to hang them on the wall. If you don’t have any hanging tools in the garage, this can be the beginning. Hanging a miter saw on the wall saves not only space but also improves the outlook of the working area.

It looks more professional. Besides, accessing it becomes easier too. To make sure that you are mounting the miter saw in the right way, check the user manual for instructions.

2. Storage Box

You can make a customized storage box out of wood specifically for your miter saw. Creating a box for the miter saw will tidy up the workshop. Because a box is convenient to place anywhere in a room, you can store it without any issues.

Besides, using a wooden box will help keep the miter saw protected from dust and moisture. Make sure to properly take measurements before making the box or you may have difficulty fitting the miter saw in. in addition, make sure not to make the box too big if you want to save space.

3. Shelf

If you create a shelf for your workshop, it will become a lot more organized than before. You can keep all loose parts and small tools on the shelf so that they’re easily accessible. Besides, it will make your work area tidier than before.

Of course, this idea is only effective if you have enough space to accommodate a shelf. You can go for a smaller shelf only for your miter saw if you want. Alternatively, you can go for other space-saving options.

4. Storage Cabinet

You can also go for cabinets in your workshop if you have the space. The benefit of cabinets is that you can lock them. So, if you are searching for a safer storage option that you use for other purposes, too, it’s a great idea to build a storage cabinet for your miter saw.

Note that this idea requires meticulous woodworking and a drastic change to your workshop. At least if you are trying to save money and doing it yourself. Nonetheless, there are easier options you can consider.

5. Closet

You can make a tall closet and use the lower shelf to keep your miter saw. The rest of the closet could be used for hanging small tools. Creating a small closet won’t require much space in your workstation.

In addition, the tools stored inside will be protected by the door. If you are building a DIY closet, you can customize it according to your miter saw and other tools you have.

6. Table Saw Top

If you have a table saw in your workshop, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it as a place for storing your miter saw. You can also use a cover for the miter saw to make sure it stays protected from dust and moisture.

This can be inconvenient when using either of the tools. You will have to remove the miter saw, and keep it somewhere else before using the table saw. Similarly, the miter saw will have to be moved to a workbench when you want to use it.

7. Beneath The Table Saw

One very interesting idea for storing your miter saw is to simply use the space beneath your table saw. Some people simply place the miter saw there to save space. However, the most intriguing idea about using a table saw for storing a miter saw is when you create a sliding tray.

This way, accessing the miter saw becomes easy, and it looks a lot more creative. When you don’t have a lot of space for other ideas, this can be an excellent idea to try.

8. DIY Workstation

You can build a foldable workstation specifically for your miter saw. This will allow you to tuck the miter saw beneath the foldable wings of your workstation. When you work with the miter saw, you can simply expand the wings and bring the miter saw top.

9. Miter Saw Stand

You can also buy or make a miter saw stand. This way, your miter saw will have a designated area in the garage and won’t get in the way. If you have an old grill cart lying around or you can collect one, you can easily make a stand by yourself. Check my article on miter saw stand from an old grill cart if you are interested.

You can also buy a universal miter saw stand if you want. No products found. is something you can look into if you are thinking about investing in one.

10. Under The Bench

If you have a workbench in your garage, you can store the miter saw underneath it. It’s one of the most common ideas used by miter saw users all around the world. It’s simple and you can easily bring it on top when working with the miter saw.

11. Rolling Shelf

You can get a compact rolling shelf to store your miter saw and other small tools. This may not be the best idea for someone who wants a fixed place for their miter saw. However, it does make moving the miter saw out of the way easier than before.

Where Should I Store My Miter Saw?

The thing is, it depends a lot on the space you have available, and the size of your miter saw. Sometimes, you can’t get that creative with the limited space you have. Besides, because you need to access the miter saw frequently, thinking about an effective storage idea is difficult.

The ideas above are versatile. So, you can find the one that matches your situation most closely and then customize that idea to match your workspace. But it’s important that you make a work environment that’s clean and convenient to walk around.

With power tools running all day, a garage is already dangerous enough. You don’t want a miter saw lying around in the wrong place. A smart storage idea will not only get the miter saw out of your way but also keep the miter saw protected from damage.

Some Tips To Remember

Tips and Tricks Saw School
  • No matter what storage option you go with, make sure to double-check the measurements of the miter saw with what you are building. A small deviation in measurement can make hours of work go in vain.
  • If you are hanging your miter saw on the wall, make sure the wall is sturdy enough to hold it without making the tool fall off. Even though miter saws are pretty lightweight, you can never be too careful with them.
  • Regardless of where you store your miter saw, try to keep it covered when you are not using the tool.
  • Keeping your workshop clean will help in accessing the area more easily. So, make sure to frequently clean the workshop along with keeping the tools organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

What is the best miter saw storage idea?

The best miter saw storage idea depends on the space you have available, what other tools you have in your garage, and how frequently you use the miter saw. If you can create a meticulous and specific workstation for your miter saw, it will be a diverse storage idea. It won’t take up much space, make it easier for you to access the miter saw, as well as make your workshop more organized.

Do I need a stand for my miter saw?

It’s not mandatory to get a stand for your miter saw. You can use any surface or tabletop to run the miter saw as long as it’s even and the miter saw doesn’t wobble.

Final Thoughts

You can always get creative with the resources and space you have available in your garage. The compactness of the tool allows you access to more miter saw storage ideas and organizes your workshop in a better way.

No matter what idea you go with, make sure that the miter saw is placed in a way that isn’t very hard to access. In addition, keep the tool covered while not using it to protect it from moisture as well as dust.


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