Are Miter Saw Blades Reverse Threaded? [Explained]

When replacing a miter saw blade, one thing often comes to mind. Are miter saw blades reverse threaded or typically threaded? This determines which way to turn the nut.

Most miter saws are reverse threaded. That means instead of turning the nut anti-clockwise to loosen it, you’ll have to turn it clockwise when replacing the blade.

Let’s take a deeper look at what it means for a miter saw to be reverse threaded.

Are Miter Saw Blades Reverse Threaded

Are Miter Saw Blades Reverse Threaded? Yes, Most of Miter Saws!

The term reverse threaded refers to when a part of the tool’s thread runs in the opposite direction compared to other parts. This is an important thing to find out about a tool because it contributes to replacing the blade.

If a tool is typically threaded, the universal rule of righty-tighty, lefty-loosey will apply. For these tools, when you turn the bolt counter-clockwise, it will start loosening. On the contrary, the same isn’t true for reverse threaded tools.

Most miter saws are reverse threaded

You need to turn the bolt clockwise to loosen it and anti-clockwise to tighten it. Many people may wonder why it’s important to know which way to turn the bolt. As there are only two ways it can go, trying both ways will be the easier solution in this case.

However, that’s not true. If a tool is reverse threaded and you try to loosen the bolt with a counter-clockwise motion, the bolt may break. The blade will then stay stuck, and you must take the miter saw to a servicing center.

The bolt is always set tightly in place. So, if you force it in the opposite direction, the bolt will break. It’s mandatory that you turn the bolt in the right direction.

How To Replace A Miter Saw Blade

You may have to replace your miter saw blade for several reasons. For starters, it may have gotten blunt and caused the tool to work less efficiently than before. Another reason is when you need to cut a different type of material.

Regardless of what the reason is, it’s essential to learn how to replace a miter saw using the proper way. So, let’s get started with the process.

  • Safety comes first. So, if you’re changing the blade, the first thing to ensure is that the miter saw is unplugged from the power source. Even if the switch is off, you must unplug it to avoid any unwanted situation.
  • There will be a blade bolt cover. Use a screwdriver to loosen the cover. After sliding the bolt cover and exposing the bolt, it’s time to move to the next step.
  • Locate the spindle lock on the motor and hold it with your right hand. Holding it will prevent the blade from spinning when you’re loosening the bolt.
  • Use the tool that came with your miter saw. This can vary from one brand to another. It can be a wrench. Sometimes it can bean Allen key, depending on the brand of your miter saw. It’s important that you twist the bolt clockwise to loosen the bolt.
  • Once you’ve entirely loosened the bolt, remove it and the washer. Keep them aside safely.
  • The blade should now come off easily. There will be a washer on the inner side. Do not remove it from its place.
  • Now, take the new blade and then insert it the same way you removed the old one. Put the outer washer in place. Then, take the bolt and attach it to the place with your finger.
  • Once you can’t turn it tight with your fingers anymore, use the previous wrench again to tighten it. Use anti-clockwise motion while tightening the bolt.
  • Put the bolt cover back in place. Then, tighten the cover using the screwdriver. Ensure that the spindle lock isn’t stuck.
  • Plug your miter saw into the power source. Run it to ensure that everything is working fine. If you feel any vibration that wasn’t there before, there might be something loose inside. Give everything a thorough re-check and see if the vibration stops.

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Some Tips To Remember

Tips To Replace A Miter Saw Blade
  • All miter saws are unique and will require a different approach while replacing the blade. However, most miter saws are reverse threaded. So, always turn the bolt clockwise to loosen it.
  • The best approach to any repair is to check the user manual. If you are a novice, you can get a detailed idea about what’s where and how to approach the fix.
  • If you bought a second-hand miter saw or lost the user manual, try finding the manual online. Search the model name and the brand name and see if the user manual is available online.
  • You may also find a visual tutorial on how to fix a particular issue of the exact same model you have.
  • In case you’ve damaged the bolt or can’t figure out how to replace the blade, you can always seek professional help.

Ways To Remove Stuck Bolts

If you didn’t know that miter saws are reverse threaded and somehow stripped the bolt, don’t worry. Even though it takes a bit of effort, but you can remove the bolt. In case you’re thinking about investing in a new miter saw, the No products found. is a really good option at an affordable price range. Let’s get started with what you can do for now with your stuck bolt.

5 Ways to To Remove Stuck Bolts


The first thing you should try is to use force. If the bolt is stuck because of mild rust, striking it with a tool a few times will help loosen it. Once it moves from the stuck position, you can use a wrench to loosen it all the way.

It’s an effective method for most cases. However, if the bolt is too rusty, this method might not work.


When metal is heated, it expands. So, if a bolt is stuck, using high heat will allow the bolt to get loose. Make sure to be careful about doing it and take necessary safety precautions.

Back And Forth

Use some oil to lubricate the bolt. Then, use an impact wrench to force the bolt right and left. This will help the stuck bolt to come off from its place. Once it moves a bit, you can turn it clockwise to loosen it.

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is often used to loosen stuck bolts. However, the bolt will have to have some grip for the pipe wrench to work.

Take It To A Professional

The last option, when nothing else works, is to seek professional help. If the bolt is permanently damaged and requires replacing, this will be the best option to do. You can get a good quality bolt and make replacing the blade easier next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

What is the spindle lock button?

The spindle lock button helps you to keep the blade from spinning. If you hold it, the blade will not rotate when you’re unscrewing the bolt. Whenever using this button, make sure that you’ve turned the miter saw off and unplugged it from the power source.

Which way do you unscrew a miter saw blade?

Even though most bolts are unscrewed using an anti-clockwise motion, miter saws are the opposite. They are reverse threaded, so you need to turn the bolt clockwise to remove the bolt.

Final Words

There’s no need to be confused about are miter saw blades reverse threaded or not because most of them are. There might be one or two exceptions to this rule. So, you can easily find out about the particular brand by searching it online or visiting a shop.

The user manual should be your first go-to. If that doesn’t help, ask someone for help or search for the specific model online. Hopefully, you will get some answers.


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