Can You Put An Abrasive Blade On A Miter Saw? [Is this Safe]

Even though miter saws are diverse tools for cutting different materials, they do come with some limitations. That’s why when someone wants to cut metal with a miter saw, they wonder- can you put an abrasive blade on a miter saw?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to put an abrasive blade on a miter saw without damaging the tool. You can be successful with the temporary cut, but it will damage your tool in the long run. The best solution is to invest in a saw that’s intended for cutting metals.

If you want to know how an abrasive blade damages a miter saw, make sure to read the entire article.

Can You Put An Abrasive Blade On A Miter Saw

Can You Put An Abrasive Blade On A Miter Saw – No and so here’s what to do!

You will find several reasons why you should not attach an abrasive blade to your miter saw. For starters, miter saws are not made to cut metals. When you put an abrasive blade on the saw, there’s always damage.

Most miter saws run at 4000 to 5400 RPM, which does not match with abrasive blades. Abrasive blades are suitable for saws with 3200-3600 RPM. As common sense dictates, incompatibility between the saw blade and the machine cannot be good in any way.

The motor can easily be damaged if you decide to do it anyway. You may notice the motor of your miter saw running very hot. In extreme cases, the motor will get damaged along with the bearings.

So, if you’re thinking about putting abrasive blades on your miter saw, think again. It’s not worth damaging your miter saw permanently. The most suitable solution to this situation is to get a saw suitable for abrasive blades.

Abrasive Blade On A Miter Saw

It’s better to use a compatible saw for cutting metal than to damage the one you own. If you’re cutting something like a PVC pipe, you can also try a hand saw instead of involving your miter saw.

Your miter saw can also have plastic pieces in its structure. Using an abrasive blade with it may damage the parts and cause them to melt and deteriorate. When the motor heats up, it’s common for the plastic parts to melt too. Overall, this can damage your miter saw beyond imagination.

In addition to being inefficient, the method is dangerous too. There are several incidents where putting abrasive blades on miter saws has proven to be quite dangerous. So, even though it sounds like a shortcut idea for small tasks, it’s not a good one.

Tips For Using Abrasive Blade On A Miter Saw

Some people have particularly asked on the internet about using abrasive blades on a miter saw without getting the suggestion of buying a new saw. This is because sometimes it may be a single task that people don’t want to invest their money for.

Tips To Cutting Aluminum With Miter Saw

So, if you’re in such a situation that this is a one-time thing, it may be possible for you to use an abrasive blade on a miter saw. However, in no circumstances should you repeatedly use this method. Let’s see what North Morgan Creek Hardware has to say about using abrasive blades on miter saws.

  • First, you have to get a matching blade. Even though it will be difficult to match the RPM of your miter saw with a compatible abrasive blade, it’s extremely important. Do not use a blade that doesn’t match the RPM of your miter saw.
  • Be very cautious about operating the miter saw. Take your time, and do not hurry the process.
  • You have to clean the miter saw thoroughly and get rid of any dust from previous use. Make sure that the miter saw is unplugged from the power source when you’re changing the blade. If you’re unsure about how to change the blade, check our article on are miter saw blades reverse threaded.
  • Keep your expectation lower with the results. Because miter saws are made to cut through wood, they will not be as much efficient when cutting through metal, even when you’re using the right blade.
  • Speaking of using the right blade, you have to match the metal you’re cutting with the blade you’re using. For instance, let’s say you’re about to cut aluminum. You need to use an aluminum oxide blade for this job.
  • Use necessary safety gear when operating the miter saw with an abrasive blade attached to it. The machine may get heated, and you may experience sparks. So, you must be prepared to operate the machine safely.
  • Avoid having any bystanders when you’re operating the machine.
  • If the machine starts heating up more than usual or you notice anything unusual, immediately stop the process and allow the machine to cool down.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

Can I use any blade on my miter saw?

Your miter saw will not work efficiently with all miter saws. Depending on the type of miter saw you have and the brand, the blade compatibility will be different. Make sure to go through the user manual before putting any type of blade on your miter saw.

Can you use a regular miter saw to cut metal?

Miter saws are intended for cutting through wood. So, if you’re trying to cut metal, the process and the result will not be as efficient as cutting wood. However, if you can find a compatible blade that matches the miter saw specification, you can cut metal with it.

What to avoid while using a miter saw?

Every miter saw is different so never ignore the user manual. Avoid using the tool on the floor, and never operate it without safety equipment. In addition, do not leave the machine plugged in after you’re done working with it.

Final Words

It’s not ideal to put an abrasive blade on a miter saw. If it’s a one-time thing and you absolutely have no other way, you can try it. However, following the highest level of safety measures is recommended when doing so. In addition, if anyone asks can you put an abrasive blade on a miter saw, it’s your responsibility to tell them no. You cannot use abrasive blades on a miter saw.


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