Fix a Miter Saw Blade Bolt Stuck: Easy Way To Remove A Stuck Bolt!

One of the most annoying incidents to encounter with your miter saw is when you want to change the blade and realize that the bolt is actually stuck. It makes you wonder whether there’s any easy solution when you get the miter saw blade bolt stuck.

There are multiple solutions you can approach to loosen a stuck bolt. Using the correct direction, using lubricant, force, or heat are to name a few of the fixes to this problem. If none of these works, you may have to seek professional help.

A stuck bolt can be an indicator that your miter saw needs replacing. To be certain, you have to try all solutions first. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Miter Saw Blade Bolt Stuck

How To Remove A Stuck Bolt On Your Miter Saw?

The blade bolt can get stuck for many reasons. If it’s not heavily rusted from years of negligence, there’s a pretty good chance that you will be able to remove the bolt and replace the blade. Let’s start with the most preliminary fix.

Correct Direction

While many bolts require turning them anti-clockwise, miter saw bolts are different. Most of the miter saw bolts are reverse threaded. That means you will have to turn the bolt clockwise to loosen them. Many people make this mistake and end up tightening the bolt even more. You can learn more about it in my article on are miter saw blades reverse threaded.

Even though miter saw bolts are supposed to be twisted the other way, it’s better to be certain about a specific model. So, always check the user manual to ensure which way you are supposed to turn the bolt.

Turning the bolt the other way can make the bolt get stuck into a position. Moreover, you may also strip the bolt. So, turning it in the right direction is the first thing to ensure.

Proper Tool

Your miter saw will come with the tool required to open the bolt. Even if it doesn’t, the direction will tell you what tool to use to remove and attach the bolt when a blade replacement is necessary.

If you want to stay on the safe side, always go for the recommended tool. Nonetheless, if that tool isn’t working anymore, it’s better to widen your options to do whatever it takes to remove the bolt.

For instance, a pipe wrench has been proven extremely useful for removing stuck bolts. So, make sure you try whatever resource is available to you to remove the bolt.

Lubricate The Bolt

One effective method of loosening rusted bolts is using a lubricant. If you are looking for suggestions, the most popular brand used by miter saw users for such occasions is No products found.. You can use any other lubricant made specifically for bolts if you want.

If the bolt is stuck due to rust and corrosion, the lubricant will be the easiest way to loosen it. You simply have to apply the lubricant and allow it to sit for some time. Then, try to loosen the bolt using the right direction. In case the bolt isn’t stuck very badly, the lubricant should help the situation.

Use Force

Using force has been proven to be extremely helpful in many situations. If you can shock the bolt by sudden force, it may come off. There are several ways to do it. Let’s explore them.

The first way is to use the tool you would usually use to turn the bolt and use force on that tool’s handle using a hammer. When the bolt gets too tight, it can be difficult to loosen the bolt the traditional way. Using a hammer increases the force on the wrench and helps loosen the bolt.

If that method doesn’t work, you can also use a chisel to place on the bolt and then hit it with a hammer.

Use Heat

This is not a preferred method but it can prove to be effective. As you know, heat allows the metal to expand, which can cause the bolt to loosen. You can use a blow torch for this task.

Nonetheless, you have to be very careful not to damage any other components near the bolt. Heating any other components, especially the plastic ones, can damage the miter saw as a whole. So, make sure you’re only using this method after trying the ones I’ve already mentioned.

Get It To A Professional

If none of the methods are working for you, then the bolt might be heavily rusted or entirely stripped. In this situation, there’s nothing to do except for taking the miter saw to a professional mechanic.

Loosening the bolt will not cost you much. The mechanic may drill the nut out of its place and replace it with a new one. This way, you can also get the miter saw checked for other issues and see if you need to think about getting a new one after all.

How To Change A Miter Saw Blade?

Removing the existing miter saw blade and replacing it with a new one should not be difficult. Unless you’ve got your miter saw blade bolt stuck, the process is simple. Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

  • Before doing anything, disconnect your miter saw from the power source. You don’t want your miter saw to be connected to the electrical outlet when tweaking the settings.
  • Every miter saw model is different. So, go through the user manual to check exactly how you can remove and replace the blade for this model.
  • Locate the bolt cover on your miter saw and remove it. It will allow you access to the bolt that needs loosening.
  • Find the spindle lock and use it to lock the blade. Without it, the blade will spin when you try to remove the blade. If your miter saw doesn’t have a functioning spindle lock anymore, you can use a piece of wood below the blade and bring the blade down on the blade. When the blade is biting into the wood, it won’t spin when you are loosening the bolt.
  • Once the bolt comes off, remove the washer. The blade should come off pretty easily. There should also be a washer inside. Do not remove it.
  • Attach the new blade in its place, attach the washer, and then attach the bolt. This time, you will have to use an anti-clockwise motion to tighten the bolt.
  • Put back the bolt cover in place, and you are ready to use your miter saw again.

Some Tips To Remember

Tips and Tricks Saw School
  1. Never keep the miter saw connected to the power source when you are trying to remove the bolt or replace the blade.
  2. Avoid using a blunt blade just because the bolt is stuck. Find a way to remove the bolt and fix the issue so that you can replace the blade with a new one.
  3. Always approach replacing the miter saw blade using specific steps offered by the manufacturer. If you don’t have the user manual, you can search for it online. You may even find a visual representation of the entire process of your specific miter saw model.
  4. Do not attempt to remove or adjust any internal settings until you’re entirely sure of the procedure. You can damage the miter saw even more this way. The better solution is to take the miter saw to a garage and have a professional take a look at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

Why are saw blades reverse threaded?

Not all saws are reverse threaded. For instance, table saw blades that usually tilt right are reverse threaded. But not the ones that tilt left.

However, units that have motors on the right side are always reverse threaded. This is to prevent the bolt from accidentally unscrewing when the motor is running.

What does it mean when a bolt is reverse threaded?

When a bolt is reverse threaded, it will loosen when you turn it clockwise. The usual motion required to loosen a bolt is counterclockwise. If the blade of a power tool runs in a counterclockwise motion, the bolt is usually reverse threaded. That means the bolt will unscrew in a clockwise motion. This prevents the bolt from unscrewing accidentally when the blade is spinning.

Can I replace the miter saw blade bolt?

You shouldn’t have to stop using your miter saw because of one damaged part. In case you’ve got a stuck blade bolt, the first thing to do is to remove it. Once you remove the bolt, don’t use the damaged bolt again. Instead, replace it with a new one. Make sure the bolt you’re using is compatible, and it fits the miter saw.

Final Words

Getting your miter saw blade bolt stuck isn’t that uncommon. With that being said, there are multiple approaches you can take to fix this issue. If none of them helps, you can always seek help from a mechanic. Nonetheless, if other components of the miter saw are also as damaged as the bolt, it might be a good idea to think about investing in a new miter saw.


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