Exploring the Finest Miter Saw Blade for PVC Pipe Cutting! [With Expert Insights]

With the growing popularity of miter saws, queries about them are flooding the internet. Among them, one common one includes the search for the miter saw blade for PVC pipe. Because a miter saw is a thing often found in home tool collections, people try to utilize this to the best of its capacity.

PVC pipe is one of the common things that people cut using a miter saw. However, the result isn’t always what they hope for. The blade has a significant influence on the outcome. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right blade.

I will introduce you to the best blades you can find to suit your miter saw that cuts finely through PVC pipes. But if you’re in a hurry, let me tell you about one of the best ones.

No products found. is the overall best you will find to cut PVC. It comes with a high teeth count, 12-inch in size, and is non-ferrous. Nonetheless, if you have the time, I highly recommend you go through all five blades I’ve reviewed in this article to match the perfect one with your miter saw.

Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

The Ultimate Miter Saw Blade Comparison: Find Your Perfect Fit!

If you work with PVC pipe, you know that finding the right miter saw blade can make all the difference in your projects. A blade that is too dull or not designed for cutting PVC can lead to rough, uneven cuts, or even damage to your saw. In this comparison, I’ve compiled a list of the top miter saw blades for PVC pipe on the market, to help you find the best tool for your needs.

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Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Blade

When you’re cutting PVC pipes with your miter saw, accuracy is the first thing that’s desired. You can’t achieve accuracy without the right blade type. Then comes the question of precise cuts and the level of convenience when using the blade. All of them are directly related to the blade.

Moving forward to a more indirect reason, the health of your miter saw relies on the blade you choose. If you’re not using the right blade for cutting certain materials, your miter saw will soon experience damage.

It may be any part of the miter saw, including the belt, brake, gears, and bearings. So, if you want to make sure that the miter saw is in good condition in the long run, there is no alternative to using suitable blades for specific materials.

Above all, when you’re operating a power tool as the miter saw, you have to be very careful. Because your safety is an issue while using a miter saw, it’s better not to take any chances. When you use the wrong blade for the wrong material, incidents like kickbacks and accidents are not that uncommon.

That being said, you can’t undermine the importance of choosing the right blade when cutting PVC pipes with a miter saw. Be very careful with your miter saw and use proper safety protocol when operating the machine.

This way you will be able to cut the material with perfection. And that includes ease of use, ensuring safety, and getting precise cuts without any kickbacks. Once you cut the pipes as you plan, you will realize what a big impact the blade has on the entire procedure. A proper blade will not only feel comfortable in your hands but also cut the pipes exactly as you want.

The 5 Ideal Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

When it comes to cutting PVC pipe, having the right saw blade is crucial for achieving clean, precise cuts. In this review, I will be showcasing some of the top miter saw blades on the market that are specifically designed for cutting PVC. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find a blade on this list that meets your needs and budget. So let’s get started!

1. Freud D1296N Diablo

As I have mentioned before, this is the best you can find for cutting PVC. You must be wondering what makes this blade an ideal option compared to thousand of other products available. Well, that’s what I’m about to tell you. But first, take a look at the features you will get with this blade.


  • Heat Expansion Slots: When you are running your miter saw for a long time, it gets heated and expands. The slots allow extra room so that the blade can run smoothly, even when you’re running it for a long time. You can understand why these are an important part of the blade you’re using.
  • Stabilize vents: Laser-cut vents are for stabilization. They not only reduce noise and vibration but also keep the blade cool. One of the most important attributes you search for in a blade is that it doesn’t create additional noise than the miter saw already does. These vents make sure of that.
  • Extremely Durable: Micro-grain titanium carbide makes the blade extremely sturdy. When you’re investing in a blade, you want it to be durable. That’s what you can expect from this one.
  • Easy To Use: You can rest assured that you will feel very comfortable while working with this blade. It is easy to install and feels smooth under the miter saw. So, no matter what material you’re cutting, it will be convenient.
  • Precise And Accurate: Above all, you will get accuracy. There will hardly be any kickbacks. So, in the end, you can expect the cut exactly the way you intended it. What more can a blade offer?

The only thing you may have to complain about is the price. Even though it’s not extremely pricey considering what it offers, there are cheaper options available with decent features. That being said, if pricing is the sole determining factor for your purchase, there are other suitable products available for you.

All in all, No products found. is well worth the money you will be spending on it. You can rest assured that you won’t have to invest in another blade for a really long time. So, even if the price seems a bit high compared to other options, it’s a smart investment to make.

2. Makita A-93681

This model from Makita is one of the best 10-inch blades you can get for your miter saw. If a 12-inch blade isn’t cutting it for you and you need a 10-inch one, this is the best in the market. It’s an affordable option to think about when cutting PVC pipes. Let’s get to the features.

Features :

  • Micro Grain Carbide Teeth: Material is important when choosing blades. Micro grain carbide blades ensure clean and precise cutting, especially while cutting PVC pipes. The teeth count also contributes to the finest results created by the blade when you’re cutting with your miter saw.
  • Mirror Finish With 600 Grit: Another attribute that’s responsible for precise crosscutting and comfortable usage is the 600 grit mirror finish. It not only increases the life of the blade but also has an impact on making the blade more functional for the materials.
  • Ultra-Thin Kerf With A 5-Degree Hook Angle: The thin kerf with the right hook angle is responsible for preventing material wastage. In addition, because you’re not removing as much material, the motor of the miter saw becomes more stable and stays durable.
  • Affordable Option: This is a universal blade suitable for everyone. Users who are not looking for something too expensive will be delighted with this blade. There’s no reason to think that the price is reflected in the features and the performance. You will hardly find a blade that offers this level of accuracy and comes within this price range.

Both 12-inch blades and 10-inch blades are suitable for cutting PVC pipes. Because 12-inch blades can be a bit expensive, people usually go for 10-inch blades. However, if you’re fixed on getting a 12-inch blade, this one isn’t for you.

To sum up the review of No products found., you can be certain about getting value for the money you’re paying. Most people who used this blade have shared their positive experiences with it in their reviews. So, there’s no room for confusion regarding this blade, especially when you’re cutting PVC pipes.

3. Dewalt DW3128P5

It’s time to review another 12-inch blade. This one is from Dewalt. You may have heard about the blade on the internet because it’s one of the most popular ones for cutting PVC pipes. The blade is made of tungsten carbide which makes it durable and sturdy. Before getting to the detailed review, let’s take a look at the features.

Features :

  • Tungsten Carbide Material: This material in blades is a popular one. Not because it makes the blade more durable, which it does. But also, the blades lose their sharpness very slowly. So, you can enjoy the sharpness of your blade for a very long time.
  • 2-Pack Blade For Versatility: This product is that it comes with 2 blades in one pack. One of them has an 80-teeth count, whereas the other one has 32. So, if you are looking to go versatile with one purchase, this is your go-to pack. In addition, The blade with low teeth count can be used for something else, using the same miter saw.
  • Fast And Smooth: You will experience an elite feel when operating your miter saw with these blades. Sharper blades along with a thin kerf make it super easy to make precision cuts. When the teeth count is that much, you have no need to worry about cutting PVC.
  • Backed By 3 Years Of Warranty: It’s normal to want a warranty when you’re investing a fair amount of money on your blade. That’s why Dewalt got you covered. You can be tension free for the first three years of purchasing the blades.

Nonetheless, for people who don’t want to invest in a pack of 2 blades, this one wouldn’t be an attractive option. Because they can save money by getting a single blade instead of a pack of two.

In the end, No products found. can be just the thing you’re looking for. When searching for a blade to cut PVC pipe, make sure to keep this in your consideration list if it fits the budget.

Dewalt DW3128P5

4. Makita A-93734

If you’re a fan of Makita and have a higher budget to buy a blade for PVC pipes, this model will be the perfect thing for you. This comes with a 100 teeth count, making it one of the most suitable blades for cutting PVC pipe.

There can’t be a better option than this one if you want to make your miter saw more versatile than it already is. So, let’s see what features you will be getting for the amount you’re paying.

Features :

  • 100 Teeth Count: This blade has the most teeth count compared to any other product in this list. Naturally, this one costs a bit higher than the others. Nonetheless, the performance is better than other options too.
  • Fully Hardened Material: Carbide material will ensure that you get your money’s worth. if you’re lost among thousands of options available online and not sure where to invest your money in getting a good miter saw blade, consider this one. The reviews of the blade will also tell you the same thing about how durable and sturdy the material is.
  • Precise Crosscutting: Another feature to consider about this blade is convenient and precise crosscuts. Not every blade can ensure that. So, if that’s something that’s appalling to you, this is the perfect option for you.
  • Ultra-Thin Kerf: a thin kerf blade is mandatory for cutting materials like PVC. If you choose to go with this blade, that’s something you won’t have to worry about.

You will hardly find any flaw with this blade except for the price. It’s not pricey considering the features it offers. First of all, the brand itself is very popular for providing quality products. In addition, the teeth count and sturdiness of the blade are suitable for cutting materials like PVC.

The combination of all high-end attributes has made this blade popular among miter saw users. If you don’t want to waste your money by frequently buying miter saw blades, this can be a great option for you. However, if you’re searching for a cheaper alternative, there are other options you can go for.

No products found. is undoubtedly one of the best miter saw blade for PVC pipe. If you have the budget, this is a viable addition to your miter saw accessories.

Makita A-93734

5. Dewalt DW3128

The last blade I have on my list is from Dewalt. Much like other products from the brand, this one also lives up to the expectation. It may not be the cheapest blade you will ever find, but it’s certainly one of the best ones available out there at this price point. Let’s see what you will be getting from this blade.

Features :

  • Wedge Shoulder Design For Durability: A sturdy structure ensures durability and preciseness altogether. The blade stays sharper for a long time and offers you consistently precise cuts.
  • 80 Teeth Count: A higher teeth count makes it perfect for cutting materials like PVC. With this blade, you can cut your PVC pipe faster with a smoother finish. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at operating your miter saw, the results will certainly amaze you once you start using this blade.
  • Reduces Vibration: The importance of stability goes without saying when choosing a blade to cut PVC. There is a significant difference between this blade and others in the case of reduced vibration. You will feel it once you start using the blade.
  • Well-Balanced: The blade is also well-balanced which makes it convenient to use. A proper balance not only makes it easy for you to run your miter saw but also increases your saw’s longevity.

The brand name backs up the integrity of the product. You will hardly find any user who was not satisfied with their purchase from Dewalt and this blade is no exception.

No products found. is one of those blades that survives through years before you have to replace them again. So, if you are having second thoughts about this blade, don’t.

Expert Tips for Buying the Right Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe!

You’ve gathered the best blades available in the market. But, what if there’s a more suitable option according to your preference? What should you consider when selecting the perfect blade for your miter saw when you’re cutting PVC pipe? Let’s take a look at the features that are important in deciding which blade to choose.

Miter Saw Blade for PVC

Teeth Count

Keep in mind that you will need a higher teeth count when you’re cutting materials like PVC. So, try to choose a blade that has at least 60 teeth count. If it’s less than that, you may face difficulty in several aspects.

For instance, it will hamper the miter saw and affect its performance in the long run. In addition, you won’t feel comfortable while operating the machine. The cuts won’t be fine and smooth either. So, remember that teeth count matters.

Blade Size

Next comes the size of the blade. You either need a 10-inch blade or a 12-inch blade if you’re planning on cutting PVC with the miter saw. There are some excellent options available if you want a 12-inch blade for your miter saw.

However, getting a 12-inch blade will comparatively cost you more. 10-inch blades are less expensive. If saving money is your goal, go for a 10-inch blade. Nevertheless, make sure not to compromise the quality.


The blade material is extremely important. Always look for carbide when searching for a miter saw blade to cut PVC with. Other materials may not stand a chance against PVC in the long run.

In addition, by investing in high-quality material, you will be saving money because you won’t have to get another blade for a really long time.

Brand Image

It’s true that brand names don’t always live up to expectations. There are a lot of examples where getting a blade from a well-known brand turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Still, brand image is important. The chance of getting a reliable blade from an unknown brand is highly unlikely. So, it’s better to stick to a known brand and combine other features with this one to choose the perfect blade.

User Reviews

You can always cross-check your decision with the reviews found online about that specific brand. Gather data from several e-commerce sites and check if the reviews align with one another.

This can be a time-consuming task to do. However, if you’re investing a fair amount of money on a miter saw blade to cut PVC with perfection, it’s worth the time. People who used the blade you’re considering and explained the pros and cons are your real friend in the virtual world.


There’s a reason why I placed this attribute at the end. Price shouldn’t be the only key attribute in determining the Ideal miter saw blade for PVC pipe. Everyone wants to save money. That’s why you will find numerous cheap blades claiming to cut PVC with preciseness.

But in reality, you’re only increasing your expense by investing in a cheap blade. First of all, you will have to replace the blade very soon. Buying a new blade means a new expense. The amount you already spent on the blade will go to waste. In addition, you will waste your time trying to make the blade work.

So, why make price an attribute at all? That’s because it’s not logical to spend an unbelievable amount of money on a blade either. So, you must find a middle ground when the price is concerned. Don’t be hesitant to keep a generous budget for the blade, but make sure that you’re investing it in the right place.

Safety Tips For Using A Miter Saw

Safety when using miter saw for pvc

You will always have to be careful when you’re using a power tool. Let’s take a few mandatory things you should keep in mind before, during, and after using a miter saw.

  • Don’t ignore the safety protocol. Wear your gear like earmuffs, glasses, and a mask.
  • Avoid rushing to prevent kickbacks while cutting any material with a miter saw.
  • Make sure to use the right type of blade for the right material. For instance, you will need a 10-inch or 12-inch carbide blade with at least 60 teeth count to cut PVC pipes.
  • Always keep the miter saw unplugged when you’re changing the blade. Check instructions for changing the blade to avoid damaging the blade and the miter saw.
  • Do not overheat the machine by continuously running it. Give it breaks in between the cutting sessions.
  • Unplug the miter saw once you’re done using it.
  • Avoid leaving the miter saw unattended when it’s plugged into the power source.
  • Follow the instructions that came with the miter saw.
  • Check the user manual to see if you can use the tool to cut PVC. Not all miter saws are suitable for cutting all types of materials. Some of them are limited to wood.
  • Avoid having any bystanders when operating a miter saw to avoid injury to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

How to cut PVC pipe with a miter saw?

If you want to cut PVC pipe with a miter saw perfectly, there are a few steps to follow. You need to prepare your miter saw before jumping into action. This includes getting the right blade and installing it properly.

Then, you need to measure and mark the pipe you want to cut. Measuring entirely depends on what you wish to achieve by cutting the pipe. Then, you will have to place the pipe on the miter saw and cut it.

Make sure to be steady with the process to avoid kickbacks. It’s also mandatory for making the cut clean.

Can you use a miter saw to cut PVC pipe?

A miter saw is not only suitable but also popular for cutting PVC pipes. However, it’s crucial that you choose a suitable blade for cutting a PVC pipe. The wrong blade can harm the miter saw and damage the pipe you’re cutting.

What blade is suitable for cutting PVC pipe?

There are a few criteria to look for when you’re selecting a miter saw blade for cutting PVC. Two of the most important attributes to watch out for are teeth count and blade size. Make sure that the teeth count is at least 60. The more the better.

As for the blade size, you will either need a 10-inch blade or a 12-inch blade. Both of these blades will do a wonderful job.

Final Words

If you’re still confused about which product to go for, let me make this a bit easier for you. The best miter saw blade for PVC pipe is No products found. without a doubt. However, if you’re into diversity and want a two-blade pack at an affordable price point No products found. is also a viable choice.

And in case you don’t want to go with any of the products I recommended in this article, you can always use the buying guide to select your blade. This way your purchase decision will be customized and you will be certain that you’re getting the blade that’s suitable for precisely cutting PVC pipes.


Hey there — I’m Elton Dunn, founder and Head Writer of sawschool. Though I personally think myself as a self-made entrepreneur, I am DIY woodworker. This blog is a humble attempt to help people choose the right saw from too many options. That’s why I stress on comparing various saw with one another than attempting to review each. Hope my reviews and comparisons benefit you. Have any feedback, questions, or recommendations? We would like to hear from you! Feel free you can anytime Contact with me.

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