Choosing the Right Table Saw Blade For Cutting Acrylic Artistry [Unlock the Secrets!]

Cutting acrylic can be a tricky job due to its sensitivity.Because its melting point is not very high, it gets damaged if you force-cut it. Acrylic needs to be cut smoothly, which is only possible if you use the perfect blade for it.

But it is still tough to choose the specific blade suitable for acrylic since there are so many options out in the market. You don’t have to worry because I have summed up a detailed guideline showing you 3 of the best table saw blades for cutting acrylic.

However,if you are in a hurry and want to jump straight to the conclusion, the best blade for cutting acrylic is No products found. Saw Blade. It is the finest blade you can find in the market. It will provide the smoothest cuts, and it is really comfortable to use.

You should still read out the list if you want to be flawless at your cutting. You might need different blades based on an acrylic sheet type and thickness.

Table Saw Blade For Cutting acrylic

Battle of the Blades: Comparing Table Saw Blade Options for Acrylic Cuts

I have summarized the basic properties of each blade in the table below. It will help you to compare them and choose the best one for your specific criteria.

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Why Is It Essential To Choose The Right Blade For Acrylic

Delicate materials like acrylic can get damaged with the slightest touch of carelessness. The blade certainly plays a significant role in keeping the cut clean and making the procedure simpler than ever. But that’s not the only reason why you should invest a fair amount of time in deciding which blade to go for.

Regardless of what material you are cutting, the blade is responsible for creating the desired outcome. For instance, the sharpness of the blade ensures that you get consistently clean cuts. The better the blade, the longer it will stay sharp and provide superior performance.

Another aspect to look at is stability. This applies to the entire table saw that you are working with. When a blade comes with features like anti-vibration vents, it stabilizes the entire table saw, making it more comfortable to use.

In addition, these slots can also reduce noise by reducing vibration. A good-quality blade is not only required for cutting a specific material but is also responsible for improving the overall experience of operating the table saw.

If you look at the same thing from a different perspective, you are saving money by investing in a quality blade. A high-quality blade will keep performing the same way for a long time. In addition, you can use the same blade for a variety of materials.

So, instead of buying several different blades that may not last very long, get one that will give you the quality you want even if it costs a bit more than the others. To summarize the whole thing, you can rest assured that you will never regret choosing the best table saw blade for cutting acrylic.

Essential Factors to Consider: Buying the Right Table Saw Blade For Cutting Acrylic

If you are not convinced by the options mentioned above and want to find the best blade by yourself, you need to know what you are looking for in a blade. You have to learn about the key features of a blade that suits you best for cutting acrylic. And that’s why I have summarized a detailed breakdown of how to choose the most suitable blade for cutting acrylic.


The most important thing in a blade is the material. It not only has to be strong and durable but also has to suit your requirement. Acrylic is a very sensitive product and needs to be cut with a blade that is made with the most suitable material.

Carbide is the best material for a blade that is meant to cut acrylic. There are various blades that are not fully made of carbide, instead, only the tips are carbide. Carbide-tipped blades are also a good option for cutting acrylic.

In some cases, the blade is made from a blend of carbide in which other materials are mixed, such as titanium. There are also blades with materials that can absorb heat and expand to avoid corrosion and keep the blade steady when cutting long sheets of acrylic.

Teeth Count

Acrylic is a very sensitive product, and you would most likely fabricate it. For that, it’s very important to make clean cuts and avoid melting or chipping. It is impossible to make perfectly clean cuts with a blade with a lower teeth count. Higher teeth count means more consistent cuts and less heating.

So, make sure that you invest in a blade that comes with a dense teeth count. It’s not that a low teeth count blade is not a good option. It’s simply not suited for acrylic. So, selecting a blade with a teeth count of more than 80 will be the best choice for your table saw.

Blade Size

Blade size is not only important for acrylic but also for your table saw. However, if you have the option to use any blade, you should always go for bigger blades to reduce heat. The most common size for acrylic cutting blades is a 10-inch diameter.

Most people prefer using a 10-inch blade for multiple reasons. For instance, it will fit most common table saws without any adjustment. This size is also suitable for cutting most materials.


A coating is necessary for the blade’s durability and finishing. Many blades come with coatings with materials that can absorb heat. There are also many blades available with silver ICE coating that helps the blade avoid corrosion and helps in the buildup.

You can choose blades with a compatible coating according to your budget. This feature is mostly preference-based. If you are looking for something that will only avoid corrosion, you will have one option. Heat reduction will come with another option. If you want both, you need a higher budget.

Anti-Vibration Slots

If you are searching for a blade to dial down the noise your table saw is making, get one that has anti-vibration slots. These slots in a blade not only reduce noise but also stabilize the table saw.

You can automatically feel the table saw become more comfortable to use when you attach these blades. In addition, they can also reduce heat by allowing free space for expansion. You may already know how important it is to control the heat produced by the spinning blade, especially if you are cutting acrylic.


Price is a big factor when buying any blade. In fact, you might think it is the most important factor. Note that spending more will not get guarantee you a better blade. You have to be smart about the purchase.

There are several blades available in the market at a very wide range of prices. You have to select the best one according to your budget. You can spend a ton of money on a blade and regret it later. On the contrary smart investing can get you the perfect blade at a reasonable price.


Reading the reviews of the blade is never a waste of time. You may discover something you have never thought about considering before. Prepare a set of blades you’re considering and go through the reviews. Personal experiences with the product can often be different from what you see in the description.

Instead of sticking to one particular site, go through several sites that sell the same blade. It will also help you authenticate the blade and facilitate your decision-making process.

Brand Name

Some brand names are more common and preferred among the people who own a table saw. Considering those brands can come with some advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if I am talking about the upsides of owning a popular brand’s blade, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality blade with some extra perks.

The blade will be reliable, durable, and comfortable. In addition, you will get excellent customer service from the brand because recognized brands will always stand behind their products. Moreover, you may also get a great warranty deal too.

On the downside, you may have to pay a higher price for an established brand compared to a less-known brand. Nonetheless, if you have the budget, the extra price is worth spending.

Mastering Acrylic Cutting: Table Saw Blade Selection From Top 3 Blade

So, you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic details about the blades. Now let’s dive into the detailed reviews. Make sure to check every tiny detail about a blade before spending your money on it.

Freud LU94M010 Cutting Saw Blade

Key Features:

  • High-Density Carbide Plastic Blend
  • Silver Ice Coating
  • MTCG Tooth Design
  • 80 Teeth Count
  • Smooth Performance

This blade comes with the best features at a reasonable price. In fact, it is the most well-packed blade in this price range which is why it topped the table.

The very first concern when cutting acrylic is to avoid melting. If you go through the description of this product, you will find that it has a silver ice coating on it. This coating will eliminate any kind of heat generated from the process, making it much easier to deal with such a sensitive material.

This blade comes with Modified Triple Chip Grind (MTCG) Tooth Design, which allows the blade to avoid heating and corrosion. Expect this blade to last a long time, considering how strong the build quality is. As for the number of teeth, this blade contains a total of 80 teeth which is required for cutting acrylic. The higher the teeth count, the easier it is to cut acrylic.

Moreover, this blade from Freudis made with TiCo high-density carbide, which guarantees a durable lifetime. This heavy-duty blade is designed to cut through various kinds of plastic, including acrylic, with ease. With sturdy construction and advanced features, this blade becomes so versatile that investing in it will never become a regretful decision.

It is definitely not the cheapest blade on this list, but it has the overall best features. And as you know, when you want the best, you will have to pay for what the product deserves. If you have the budget, you should get the No products found. without any second thoughts. It will ensure smooth and clean cuts on acrylic material for a long and durable time.

Diablo D1080N Non-Ferrous Cutting Saw Blade

Key Features:

  • Micro Grain Titanium Carbide Build
  • Stabilizer Vents
  • Heat Expansion Slots
  • Durable And Razor Sharp Cutting

This 80 teeth blade comes at a much more affordable price and doesn’t offer any less than the others. It is also the best blade you can buy at this price. The construction is top-notch and will hold this quality for a long and durable life.

The blade features laser-cut stabilizer vents. These vents help the blade reduce noise and vibration. Less vibration helps the blade cut through acrylic more steadily without generating much heat. As for the noise, we all know how noisy a table saw can be. We don’t want the blade to add more sound to the process.

Interestingly, that’s not the only feature to reduce corrosion in this blade. Laser-cut expansion space allows the blade to expand if it gets heated. As a result, the cut stays smooth and doesn’t mess with your perfect acrylics. Imperfect measurements will be a thing of the past, once you start using this blade.

The build quality of this blade is, without question, the best available at this price. Micro grain titanium carbide ensures this blade’s durability, toughness, and long life. As difficult as it is to find a durable blade at an affordable price range, this product will not disappoint you with its quality. The material also guarantees you razor-sharp cuts, which is essential for cutting acrylic.

Considering the impressive features and the affordable price, I highly recommend No products found. for anyone looking for the perfect tool to cut acrylic.

Oshlun SBP-100080 MYCG Saw Blade

Key Features:

  • 80 Teeth Count
  • Anti-Vibration Slots
  • Copper Plugged Expansion Slots
  • Professional Grade C-4 Carbide Material
  • Modified Triple Chip Grind

The third product on this list is from OSHLUN, and it is a much worthy competitor to the others. This blade offers you some unique features. You can undoubtedly invest in this blade when you have a pile of acrylic, PVC, plastic, or even laminate to cut.

It features a special modified triple chip grind which allows you to cut acrylic and other materials as smoothly as you want. Side clearance angles make sure that every cut gets a premium touch avoiding any melting or chipping. The more perfectly you can prevent chipping and melting, the easier it will be to get perfect acrylic pieces.

In addition, this blade comes with copper-plugged expansion slots and anti-vibration slots. These slots not only reduce noise but also facilitate the procedure by keeping the blade stable even when spinning. When you get a stable working table saw, you feel more comfortable with the process and get the work done more smoothly.

Moreover,the blade is made of professional-grade C-4 carbide material, making it tough and robust. This material not only makes the blade durable but also more suitable for cutting acrylic. You can prevent melting the material, as well as get perfectly clean cuts without measurement gaps.

As you can see, you cannot find any reason not to choose No products found. when you are searching for a blade to cut acrylic. It can be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made and the wisest money you’ve ever spent.

Safety Tips For Using A Table Saw

Safety tips when cutting Masonite

You should never compromise your safety when working with dangerous units such as a table saw. Choosing the blade is not the end of your responsibility. Let’s take a look at some basic safety rules you should follow when using a table saw.

  • To avoid any unfortunate event, make sure to keep the table saw unplugged from the power source at all times. Only plug it in when you are cutting materials. Double-check whether the table saw is unplugged or not when tweaking any settings.
  • Set the table saw blade and fence before starting the process. Imperfect settings and alignments can result in kickbacks, causing injury to you.
  • Avoid standing right behind the blade when using the saw. In addition, don’t allow anyone else to stand near the table saw when working.
  • Use safety gear, including earmuffs, goggles, a mask, and proper clothing. For instance, clothes with long sleeves are not suitable when you are operating a table saw. The same goes for anything that can get stuck into the blade and cause injury, including jewelry.
  • Always try to work in a neat and tidied-up workshop. Keeping things organized makes any tiresome project a bit more comfortable. In addition, you eliminate the chance of tripping over something.
  • When working indoors, make sure to create an effective dust collection system. This will not only make cleaning up easier but also prevent respiratory issues.
  • Check the user manual of the table saw when you get a new one. It will help you understand how to change the settings, including changing the blade.
  • Do not use a blunt blade. It can cause kickbacks.
  • Always use safety tools like a push block when cutting the material. These tools will help keep your hands away from the spinning blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

What other tool can I use to cut acrylic?

The most common and popular tool for cutting acrylic is a table saw. It’s conveniently available and can give you smooth and clean cuts provided that you use the right blade. Nonetheless, you can use other tools to cut acrylic too.

For instance, a jigsaw is an excellent alternative for cutting acrylic. You can also use a circular saw. In both cases, choosing the right blade, as well as, using the right method is mandatory.

What kind of blade do you use to cut acrylic?

The blade you use should have some specific criteria to cut acrylic without melting or chipping the material. A blade that can reduce the heat produced during the process will be an ideal candidate to avoid melting.

In addition, you also need to choose the right material, quality, and teeth count. As mentioned in the article, you need a blade with a higher teeth count, carbide material, and sturdy build quality.

How to prevent acrylic from melting?

The nature of the material causes it to melt when the blade becomes hot by spinning. In such a case, stop or slow down the blade. When you notice smoke generating from the acrylic sheet, slow down the blade speed and wait for the smoke to dial down.

You can increase the speed again once the smoke disappears. By being careful and efficient with the process, you can easily prevent acrylic from melting.

Final thoughts

Finding the best table saw blade for cutting acrylic does not have to be a nightmare. Nonetheless, it’s not an easy task either. If you know the right features to look for, you can easily identify the suitable option, no matter how many alternatives there are.

The best option still remains the No products found.. It comes with everything you want in your blade for cutting acrylic. In case this one does not fulfill the criteria you are looking for, you can always use my buying guide for choosing the blade you want.


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