Can You Convert Miter Saw Stand To Table Saw? [A Practical Guide]

When you get into woodworking, many creative ideas will run through your mind. For instance, if you have a miter saw with a stand, can you convert miter saw stand to table saw?

While this may sound like a good idea to enjoy two power tools using the same miter saw, it’s not practical. Because a miter saw and a table saw work differently, converting the stand to a table saw will be a waste of time.

If you need more information on why it’s not a good idea, make sure to go through the whole article.

Convert Miter Saw Stand To Table Saw

Can You Convert Miter Saw Stand To Table Saw?

You might be able to convert a miter saw stand to a table saw, depending on what miter saw stand you have. Some stands are more versatile than others and can be used for various power tools.

Nonetheless, even if you can turn a miter saw stand into a table saw doesn’t mean that you should. Instead of becoming a functional piece for your workshop, you may find it a hassle to switch between the two tools. Besides, the table saw will not be effective when mounted on a miter saw stand.

Why You Shouldn’t Convert Miter Saw Stand To Table Saw

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t consider changing your miter saw table into a table saw. Let’s take a look at the significant reasons below.

Different Functions

A miter saw and a table saw function differently. While a miter saw presses the blade down to cut a piece, the material is fed into the blade of the table saw. So, the pressure is primarily put on the material. It’s pressed downward and forward at the same time to make the piece go through the blade.

The stand of a miter saw is not simply ideal for this kind of pressure. It can’t offer the same level of stability that a table saw needs. In addition, the table saw will be as functional as it is supposed to be.


When you are mounting your table saw on a miter saw stand, you will have to switch between these tools depending on what you need to use at that moment. Frequently switching the tools using the same stand can cause inconvenience.

Moreover, it’s also not beneficial for the tool itself. You may damage any of those units because one of them will have to be stored without the stand.


Even if you try to convert the miter saw stand to a table saw, it will take a long time to alter the stand just to mount the table saw. Considering what the result will be, the entire procedure is not worth the time.

Different Heights

You can’t operate a table saw comfortably from the same height as a miter saw. They are completely different power tools that require a comfortable position, especially when you’re working long hours. So, even if it is possible to turn your miter saw stand into a table saw, you should not.

What Can You Do Instead?

Instead of mounting your table saw on a miter saw stand, you can try other options that will bring more beneficial results.

Build A Multipurpose Workstation

If you’re looking to save money, you can make a workstation by yourself. This will allow you to design a table that can accommodate both the miter saw and the table saw. The basic concept of this idea is simple.

All you have to do is to make a long stand that will combine a miter saw stand and a table saw stand at each end. If you want to learn about it in detail,check this article from Moser Makes.

You can also make two separate stands for your miter saw, and your table saw. This way, you won’t have to spend any money, and you can customize each stand according to the tool’s requirements.

Invest In a Table Saw Stand

A miter saw stand is not mandatory for your workshop. Any even surface that you feel comfortable working on can be used as a miter saw stand. So, if you have the budget to spend on one stand, you should certainly go for a table saw stand.

If you are trying to mount your table saw on a miter saw stand that means you already have the saw waiting for a stand. Even if you already have a miter saw stand, I highly recommend you get a table saw stand. This way, you can ensure a safe work environment.

Some Tips To Remember

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  • Using power tools is already dangerous. So, never compromise the safety features. Mounting a table saw on a miter saw stand is neither practical nor safe.
  • A miter saw does not need a store-bought stand. In fact, you can create a miter saw stand from an old grill cart. You can also mount the tool on any stable and even workbench.
  • Getting or making two separate stands for your miter saw and table saw will make sure that you can use whichever tool you need without making any adjustments. The same goes for when you make a multipurpose workstation.
  • Make sure that you are not damaging any of the tools when customizing them according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a miter saw do everything a table saw can do?

There are some basic differences between a table saw and a miter saw. If you need crosscuts and precision, a miter saw is your best bet. On the contrary, a table saw is not as precise but is perfect for making rip cuts on larger pieces.

The better choice will depend on what you intend to cut with your power tool. A table saw will make all types of cuts as a miter saw, but the precision level will be lower compared to a miter saw.

What can I use if I don’t have a table saw?

A table saw is one of those tools that take up a lot of space in the workshop. If you don’t have that much space to accommodate a table saw, there are alternatives you can go for. Some excellent options that you can use instead of a table saw without needing much space are jigsaws, circular saws, band saws, and track saws.

Depending on the budget you have, you can go for one of these options that are just as effective as a table saw. You can easily make your workshop more versatile without blocking too much space.

Should I get a table saw or a miter saw first?

Table saws are certainly more versatile and handy than miter saws. You can do everything with a table saw that you can do with a miter saw and more. However, the precision level is a bit lower in table saws. So, as a beginner, you can go for a table saw first. Then, when more precision work is required, you can get a miter saw to make your work more precise. In addition, it will also make your workshop more diverse.

Final Remarks

DIY customizations are fun and creative. But sometimes, the project is not worth it. Instead of being functional and helpful, the customization can damage the tools and compromise safety. That’s why it’s not a good idea to convert miter saw stand to table saw. All woodworkers will suggest against it.

So, no matter how appealing it sounds, you shouldn’t make this alteration. Fortunately, there are other effective options that you can go for. Even if you don’t want to spend any money, you can make your own workstation that’s capable of accommodating both your tools. This way, the tools will get the exact amount of support they need from their stands.


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