How To Cut Aluminum Extrusions With A Miter Saw? [Quick and Easy Way]

Because miter saws are more popular with wood, cutting aluminum can get a bit complicated. However, it’s certainly doable and pretty common among users too. But do you know how to cut aluminum extrusions with a miter saw?

The proper way to cut aluminum extrusions with a miter saw is to choose the proper blade, mount it, clamp the material, and then cut it. Miter saw is a very diverse tool that works well with aluminum too. However, you have to be careful about cutting metal with a miter saw.

To get more details about the proper way of using a miter saw to cut aluminum, make sure to go through the entire article.

How To Cut Aluminum Extrusions With A Miter Saw

How To Cut Aluminum Extrusions With A Miter Saw – Simple Steps to Follow!

The first thing to do before getting started is to get your safety gear on. When operating with tools such as a miter saw, you can never be too careful. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of time on the task. Let’s see what else to do when cutting aluminum from this step-by-step guide.

Steps To Cut Aluminum Extrusions

Step 1: Choose A Proper Blade

The blade you’re using is extremely important when using a miter saw for cutting metal. There are certain types of blades that work better compared to others. For instance, if you’re going for a tilting angular cut.

Some other blades suitable for aluminum are sharp cut blades, razor blades, coarse and very coarse blades, etc. These are all very good for aluminum but do different things. For instance, razor blades are perfect for precision cuts. On the other hand, coarse blades are suitable for a fine finish.

Note that, there are some blades you should avoid at any cost to ensure safety. You can read more about it in our article on can you put an abrasive blade on a miter saw.

Another thing to remember here is the tooth count of the blade. It should align well with the thickness of the aluminum you’re cutting. For instance, if you’re cutting really thin material, an HSS blade with a 200 teeth count will do a good job.

Materials also have an impact on cutting metal with a miter saw. Aluminum blades are most suitable for cutting aluminum extrusions.

Step 2: Mount The Blade

The next thing to do is to safely mount the blade on your miter saw. You need to unplug the machine from the power source. It’s an essential part if you are replacing the blade.

Remove the blade currently attached to the miter saw. Clean out the tool if there’s any residue from previous use. Then, mount the blade you will be used for cutting the aluminum.

Attaching the blade will differ from one miter saw to another. It depends on the model and the brand you’re using. The best idea is to stick to the user manual for instructions.

Step 3: Clamp The Piece

Cutting metal with a miter saw can be tricky. To make sure that you don’t damage the machine, you need to clamp the aluminum piece. You may experience vibration or squeaky noises if you don’t. You can also read our article why is my miter saw squealing to find out more reasons why you’re hearing a squeaky noise in your miter saw.

Clamping the material will also help get a precise cuts. Now, put your safety equipment (Like: No products found.) on because we are about to cut the aluminum.

Step 4: Cut The Aluminum

After you’ve checked all the points we’ve mentioned, it’s time to cut the aluminum extrusions. Remember to keep your expectations lower when using a miter saw to cut aluminum. Because miter saws are usually for cutting wood, they may not be as easy and efficient as you are used to.

You can use a lubricant to make the process smoother. Hold the aluminum piece with one hand and use the other to bring the blade down. Go slowly towards the piece until the blade touches the aluminum piece and cut it to preciseness to the marks you’ve made. Make the cut first and then go for the finish.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Cutting Aluminum With A Miter Saw

Tips To Cutting Aluminum With Miter Saw
  • Never jeopardize your safety. Always be prepared and take all kinds of safety measures you need to take.
  • Make sure you’re using the right type of blade when cutting metal like aluminum. Ignoring compatibility may damage the tool permanently.
  • When you change the blade, always refer to the user manual for instructions. Not all miter saws are handled the same way.
  • If the miter saw you’re using is not capable of cutting aluminum, don’t cut aluminum with it. Look at the manual or the description of the tool on the internet before proceeding.
  • Always unplug the miter saw before changing the blade. Also, turn it off when you’re not using the miter saw.
  • Clamp the metal to avoid vibrations.
  • Use lubrication to smoothen the process.
  • Make sure to utilize a wood backer board. It will not only increase safety but also facilitate the cutting procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

What metals can I cut with a miter saw?

Miter saws are not ideal for metals. However, you can cut aluminum extrusion and some other materials like copper, titanium, lead, nickel, tin, brass, bronze, etc. Even then, you will have to be careful about the blade you’re using.

Make sure to measure and mark the metal piece accurately to ensure a precise and clean cut using your miter saw.

What is the best miter saw blade for cutting aluminum?

There are quite a few blades suitable for cutting aluminum. However, 12-inch miter saw blades with the right teeth count are more favorable compared to others. The one from No products found. is certainly something you can consider.

The teeth count should be 80 or higher for cutting aluminum. Regardless of which blade you’re using, keep the basic requirements in mind. If you have the budget, it’s recommended to invest in a good-quality blade for safety and accuracy.

Final Words

It’s not difficult at all to learn how to cut aluminum extrusions with a miter saw. As scary as it sounds, the process is pretty simple. By following the guideline mentioned above, you can master the skill with repetition.

One thing you should always remember is that nothing is above safety. No matter how professional you are at operating a miter saw, it takes no more than a few moments for an accident to happen.

That’s why you have to be prepared from your side whenever using a power tool. Wear safety glasses and protect your ears. Miter saws can be quite loud and damage your hearing abilities permanently.


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