Why Does My Saw Blade Get Stuck? (6 Easy Ways To Fix It)

Using a miter saw can open many doors to creativity. But with a complex tool comes difficulties. When you find yourself asking why does my saw blade get stuck, you know that it’s troubleshooting time.

The most likely reason why your saw blade gets stuck is the blade. It can be dull, dirty, or not tightened enough to cut all the way through the material. You can fix this issue by replacing the blade or by simply cleaning it. More unlikely situations are when the motor gets damaged.

Fixing this issue requires a lot more information than a simple diagnosis of the problem. So, let’s see the probable causes in detail and ways to fix them.

Why Does My Saw Blade Get Stuck

Why Does My Saw Blade Get Stuck? (7 Common Reasons)

Most of the time, when the blade gets stuck, the source is usually the blade itself. However, there can be something other than the blade causing this issue. Let’s take a look at all the probable causes so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Loose Blade

One thing that many users have experienced with the blade is looseness. If the blade is not secured tightly enough in its place, you can have difficulty with the cut. So, check whether the bolt that secures the blade in place is loose.

Dirty Blade

Residue buildup is another reason that makes the blade get stuck halfway through the cut. Using the blade for long hours can cause the dust to get stuck on the blade.

Dull Blade

Your miter saw blade is bound to get blunt with time. How long it will be before the blade becomes dull depends on the blade’s quality. However, once the blade becomes dull, it can cause the blade to get stuck inside the material.

Damaged Blade

Another thing that causes the blade to get stuck inside the material is damage to the blade. If the blade is missing teeth or somehow got bent, it won’t cut through the material smoothly without getting stuck.


Sometimes, sawdust can accumulate inside the miter saw and prevent the blade from going through the material. After cutting a fair amount of materials with the miter saw, this can become an issue if you don’t clean the miter saw frequently.

Damaged Components

Even though it’s not a common occurrence, there might be something wrong with the miter saw motor. If the motor is not strong enough to spin the blade at its fullest capacity or loses power in between the cuts, the blade can get stuck midway.

It’s not just the motor. Any component that’s responsible for ensuring the blade’s efficiency can cause this problem to rise. So, if the blade is not causing the problem, it might be something internal.

Difficult Material

The material you’re cutting can also be responsible for making your blade stuck. That’s why you have to cut a few pieces of wood to ensure that it’s your miter saw causing the issue, not the material.

How To Fix Saw Blade Getting Stuck? (6 Easy Ways)

Once you find out what exactly is causing the blade to get stuck while you’re cutting, it’s time to fix the issue. Let’s take a look at what you can do to fix your miter saw and prevent the blade from getting stuck.

Tighten The Blade

As I have mentioned, a loose blade can be a probable cause. So, the first fix to look for is to tighten the bolt that holds the blade in place. If you can’t budge the bolt for some reason, you can check my article on miter saw blade bolt stuck.

Clean The Blade

It’s mandatory to clean your blade every now and then. Residue buildup is one of the most common reasons to cause your miter saw trouble. Along with making the blade stuck, it can also cause other issues.

So, make sure that you are cleaning your blade when it’s important. Remove the blade, soak it in a cleaning liquid, and allow it to sit for ten to twenty minutes. Then, use a brush to get rid of the debris. Dry the blade before reinstalling.

Replace The Blade

When the blade gets blunt or is bent after using it for a long time, it’s time to change the blade. Sharpness is one of the significant criteria for running a blade smoothly. To ensure that the material cuts without any hindrance, the blade must be on top of its game.

Another reason why you should try changing the blade is that different materials require different types of blades. For instance, if you are rip-cutting hardwood, the blade won’t need a high teeth count. On the contrary, when you are cutting MDF, a higher teeth count is required.

So, make sure to use the proper blade for the specific material you’re cutting. You can read my article on 60 vs 80 vs 100 tooth miter saw blade if you are interested.

Clear Out The Dust

One of the downsides of using a miter saw is the dust. You have to take care of the dust before, during, and after you cut your materials. In simpler words, you need a clean workshop, you need an efficient dust collection system for your miter saw, and you need to clean your miter saw when necessary.

If sawdust accumulates inside the miter saw, it can get in the way of cutting. It prevents the blade from going all the way through the material. So, make sure to open the miter saw and get rid of the sawdust from the inside out.

Sufficient Support

The material you are cutting needs sufficient support to prevent problems such as a stuck blade and kickbacks. So, utilize your fence smartly. Also, create an effective workstation so that your material gets enough support from beneath too.

Seek Professional Help

If the blade is not causing the issue, there’s a high chance that there’s something internally wrong with the miter saw. Unless you’re confident that you can check the brushes and the motor for damage and replace them, it’s better to seek professional help.

Take your miter saw to a garage and get it checked out for any complication that might be causing the blade to get stuck.

Some Tips To Remember

Tips and Tricks Saw School
  • If you are struggling with a new miter saw, familiarize yourself with the unit using the user manual. Moreover, if you think there’s any problem with the miter saw or it was damaged during shipping, you can always reach out to the manufacturer for help.
  • In case your existing miter saw is no longer functional, take your time before you invest in another one. Consider all important features and do your research.
  • Investing in a high-quality blade will go a long way. Also, remember to use the right blade type for the specific material you are cutting.
  • Always follow the safety protocol instructed by the manufacturer of the specific miter saw you’re using.
  • Do not use your miter saw without checking whether all the safety features are working efficiently.
  • Cutting different types of materials can require different types of approaches. So, if you are not getting effective results, try to find out the flaw in your procedure and adjust it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Saw School

How to remove a stuck blade from the material?

If your miter saw blade is stuck inside a piece of wood and it won’t spin anymore, you have to do things manually. So, at first, you have to unplug the miter saw because it can cause accidents. Then, you will have to use something as a wedge between the blade and the material’s cut.

You may have to put some force to separate the material from the blade. After they’re separate, make sure that the blade isn’t bent from this force. Use a dial caliper to calibrate your miter saw before using it again.

How to remove a stuck miter saw blade?

When the blade is stuck in the miter saw, and you can’t replace it, the issue is a stuck bolt. Note that miter saw blades are reverse threaded, and you will have to turn the bolt clockwise to loosen it. Use the specific tool that came with your miter saw.

If it’s still not budging, you can try sudden force or some lubricant to help the procedure. It’s a good idea to take the miter saw to a mechanic instead of damaging it more if you’re not certain of what you are doing.

Concluding Notes

As annoying as it is to go through this issue, there are fixes to this problem. Most of the solutions to this particular issue can be done by yourself without the help of a mechanic. Nonetheless, if any internal damage has caused this problem, it may not be a good idea to try to fix the miter saw by yourself. It may cost you a few bucks, but the money will certainly be worth it.

I’ve tried to answer all your questions associated with why does my saw blade get stuck. The rest depends on how well you can handle your miter saw and how severe the source of the problem is.


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